Shoplifter Stopped Dead In His Tracks But Then Manages To Escape

This Texas man was caught on surveillance footage when he forgot a crucial step of the whole grocery shopping processing: paying for your goods. Fortunately, an eagle-eyed store employee dashed over and confronted the would-be thief before he could escape with free food.

The incident took place on February 23 in Laredo when a the man, who can be seen wearing a baseball cap and a bright-colored polo shirt, casually steers a shopping cart full of purloined goods out of the store.

Just before he gets away, an employee can be seen sprinting over and getting control of the cart. A gaggle of employees swiftly descend onto the scene as the thwarted thief appears to search for something on his smartphone, likely some form of “proof” that he did pay.

The man eventually escaped before police could arrive, authorities stated. They believe that he could be the mastermind behind a slew of similar thefts that have been occurring throughout the city.