Shameless Shoplifter Shoves $400 Worth Of Baby Clothing Down His Pants

This shoplifter managed to take things to a whole new level of creepiness when he was caught on surveillance footage stealing merchandise from a children’s clothing store by stuffing it into his pants.

The uncomfortable incident took place at a shop in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles at around 4:15 pm on Tuesday, police say. Security cameras were watching as the shoplifter intently browsed a display shelf, snatching items and hiding them under his clothing in swift maneuvers.

At one point, an employee even comes by to help the man, apparently unaware that he was currently holding hundreds of dollars worth of purloined merchandise below the waistline.

Now, police are on the lookout for the shoplifter, who is either planning on reselling the goods or having the best dressed baby in town. An associate manager at the store claims that he made out of the heist with $400 in clothing and accessories.