Badass Shopkeeper Fights Off Three Armed Robbers Despite Being Shot Four Times

A grocery store clerk who was minding his own business suddenly found himself at the mercy of three armed robbers. When he tried to defend himself by pulling his own handgun out from behind the counter, the brave cashier found himself in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

Shocking surveillance footage out of Tucker, Georgia, shows the moment when an unsuspecting grocery store employee was suddenly accosted by three gun-wielding thugs. The clerk can be seen holding his arms up defensively as one of the robbers walks behind the counter and pistol-whips him several times in the head.

When the employee goes to reach for a weapon, a second robber tackles him and begins firing several close-range shots, including an execution-style shot to the back of the head. The clerk falls to the ground as the gang of robbers flees emptyhanded from the grocery store.

Although he was shot in the arm, the hand, and twice in the head, the clerk miraculously survived and was able to call 911 – and even managed to walk unassisted to a stretcher when an ambulance arrived.

Did… did we just witness a future superhero’s origin story?