Shocking Reunion of Boy and His Missing 11 Yr Old Cat

Posted by aberdean on Oct. 24, 2011

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Our 11 year old cat, Clyde, had been missing for 12 days. My 10 yr old son Jared has always had Clyde in his life & he (and us!) were devastated. A lady saw my Lost & Found ad and I picked up Clyde while Jared was in school! Incredible reunion of Jared and Clyde! Get out the tissues!! Can you tell Im crying through out this video? ;) If you love happy endings, this video is for you! Also, check out the video made shortly before Jared came home of my German Shepherd, Triton--who was heartsick over Clyde being gone. In no uncertain terms, both showed each other how much they had loved and missed each other! --) http-//

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