Shocking Reunion of Boy and His Missing 11 Yr Old Cat

Posted by aberdean on Oct. 24, 2011

Our 11 year old cat, Clyde, had been missing for 12 days. My 10 yr old son Jared has always had Clyde in his life & he (and us!) were devastated. A lady saw my Lost & Found ad and I picked up Clyde while Jared was in school! Incredible reunion of Jared and Clyde! Get out the tissues!! Can you tell Im crying through out this video? ;) If you love happy endings, this video is for you! Also, check out the video made shortly before Jared came home of my German Shepherd, Triton--who was heartsick over Clyde being gone. In no uncertain terms, both showed each other how much they had loved and missed each other! --) http-//

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