Shocking Moment Speeding Train Collides With FedEx Truck

High-speed train versus semi truck: who would win? As this footage out of Utah proves, the train definitely has the advantage. Dashcam footage shows the moment when a Utah Transit Authority (UTA) FrontRunner train slammed directly into a FedEx truck and left only the cab intact.

As it turns out, it wasn’t necessarily the FedEx driver’s fault for driving onto the train tracks. In a statement, the flashing lights that are supposed to warn motorists about an oncoming train were not functional and the crossing gates were up.

Severe ice and snow conditions reportedly caused a power outage, which should have forced the cross gates to lock into the “down and active” position in order to prevent incidents like this one from occurring.

This time, however, the crossing gates mysteriously lifted back up after a worker responded to the scene, essentially giving the green light for this accident to take place.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured (that is one lucky FedEx driver) and UTA is investigating to make sure that this kind of incident never happens again.