Tense Scene Where Shirtless Drunk Man With A Knife Begs Police To Shoot Him

Hard-to-watch dashcam footage out of New Hampshire caught a shirtless, knife-wielding man who appears to be intoxicated standing in the middle of the street and begging police officers to put him out of his misery.

The bizarre incident took place at around 2:00 pm on Wednesday, when officers were called to the scene of a home in Pelham after receiving a report that a drunken man was threatening his family with a knife.

“Shoot me! I’m begging you to shoot me!” the man, Christopher Lanzillo, slurs as cops order him to drop the knife. He vehemently refuses, putting his arms in the air and ordering the officers to shoot him, intermittently screaming at somebody out-of-frame and getting emotional.

Eventually, Lanzillo spikes the knife onto the ground and submits to police, albeit not without hurling an intense scream of obscenities at the arresting officers.

Police claim that Lanzillo remained so angry while going through processing at the Pelham Police Department that he was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. He faces charges of criminal threatening, criminal mischief, and simple assault in relation to the outburst.