This past weekend in Ohio, Russia’s Maria Sharapova won the Cincinnatti open by defeating Serbia’s Jelena Jankovic. No relation to Weird Al Yankovic. Ok, that’s enough about women’s tennis. Let’s talk about the hottest women in sports history: 1st up-any WWE Divas. Yes I count professional wrestling as a sport, so suck it. Jennie Finch-6 feet tall with a fast ball. Candice Parker-Pretty sure having her dunk on me would give me a boner. I would say Jennifer Barreta, but she plays billiards, not a sport. Bia and Branca Feres, twin Brazilian synchronized swimmers. Now is synchronized swimming any more of a sport than billiards? Of course not, but there’s 2 of them, so count it! I would say Danica Patrick, but you know she smells like gasoline right after a race, so no thanks. Heather Mitts & Hope Solo-lookin’ fine while playin’ the Foosball. And finally, In the “Honorable Mention because they might be dudes” category-Chyna & the Williams sisters. I’m Jonny Loquasto and you’ve been fed.