Shaq Retires Via Tout

Shaq Retires Via Tout on Newsfeed -After 4 NBA Championships, 19 seasons and 28,596 career points, Mr. Shaquille O’Neal is retiring. But he didn’t just announce this in some boring conference OH NO. In true Superman style Shaq used TOUT – to post on a video on twitter to tell his fans that he would no longer be playing Bball. It’s crazy! You can just sit in your living room and touch the world one twitter follower at a time. Shaq you are a gentlemen and a scholar, you rap , you fight, you play basketball and who can forget when you played that Genie in Kazaam….you were brilliant and I salute you. (rap) “Don’t hold no weight / If you ain’t got no cape / Shaq is retired so don’t make no mistakes.”