Sexy Irina Shayk

Great news dudes!! It's already exciting enough that Minka Kelly is single again, well here is another hot chick that none of us will ever hook up with! Irina Shayk's photo shoot for Rampage clothing line is trending like Charlie Sheen was before we all got sick of him. Now I went to the Rampage website to check out their clothes, and all the website had was half-naked pics of Shayk. So, in other words, I highly reccommend the Rampge website. Now, since the only thing I know about Shayk is that she's Russian, I'll just let our editors scroll through a few pics of her for your viewing pleasure ….well, you're welcome America, and yes, I'm thinking the same thing that you are. It's only a matter of time until she's dating Derek Jeter. Lucky bastard.