Sexy Girl In Underwear Wii Fit Snowboarding

Posted by cocoacrisp1 on Jun. 16, 2008

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Another one of these sexy girls in their underwear playing Wii Fit. If you create a video game console, especially one with seemingly phallic-looking controllers, people will figure out a way to utilize and or make fun of it in a sexual way. We're not complaining, of course. We wholly approve of using the revolutionary Wii to promote general fitness. If you have to use a hot chick shaking her booty to do that, more power to you, Nintendo.This sexy girl video tapes herself and her wii. She's a brunette goddess who commands your respect, and she plays video games. It seems like she automatically get the high score in hotness. What more could anyone ask for? Except for sexy girls like this to video tape one more video.

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