Danica Patrick, the hottest woman to ever drive a car over 75 miles per hour and not wreck, has announced that she will drive full time in the Nationwide Series in 2012. She also said she will compete with the big boys at the Sprint Cup level in 8 to 10 races. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. said he thinks she’ll need 3 full years at the Nationwide level before she can compete at the Sprint Cup Level, to which other drivers replied, “Yeah so do you Dale. You know cause you can’t win a cup race… ahah” Oh those NASCAR drivers are a real hoot. Her sponsor aka the website I keep going to after their commercials to hopefully see boobs but never do, such a tease, said they’ll be there every step of the way, as will I… see all it really takes for me to watch cars go round and round in a circle is the possibility of seeing a champagne wet t-shirt contest in the winner’s circle.