Sex Scene

Not sure what movie this is from who even who Katja was until this clip but this is a great sex scene. Anyone know the movie? The whole thing is just very tender and quiet hot love making. Not many sex scenes are like that. It also seems like it's supposed to be the guy's first time having sex. He just seems so surprised at the end. Maybe it's better not to know what movie this sex scene is from; you can just speculate and make the sex about whatever you like. Overall, very sexy scene. Also, who is that actress, and is this her first sex scene? She should be in several more, because she is seriously hot. Something about her attitude, taking control, is very attractive. Classic seduction in every way. It also seems likely that this scene is from a European movie. Not to stereotype, but an extended and very realistic sex scene like this rarely ever graces American movies. It's much more reminiscent of scene from Y Tu Mama Tambien, albeit much more tender and slightly more stylized.