SETI Telescope and Pictures of the Galaxy

Posted by Newsfeed on Apr. 27, 2011

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This is a transcript of SETI Telescope and Pictures of the Galaxy on Newsfeed...Recently, funding has been greatly reduced for the ‘Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute. This means that we will have to go back to our original way of getting all of our alien knowledge: Will Smith movies. The Institute’s partnership with the Air Force has not been approved yet so they are planning new tools to quote, “enable citizen scientists to help us...” Yes! As if finding life on other planets was so easy, now anyone can do it and you can’t argue with them. What’s that you don’t believe the movie Avatar was a documentary? Well you’re wrong, I’M A SCIENTIST!Space: the inconceivable immensity in which we are tiny motes of dust. But, hey, we can use the SETI telescope to look out into the galaxies and at least say, "Ohhh pretty!"

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