Shocking Moment Semi Truck Topples Over In The Wind And Crushes A Police Car

This video will really blow you away. Dashcam footage shows the moment when a semi truck was toppled over by a strong gust of wind, crushing a Wyoming Highway Patrol cruiser like a soda can in the process.

The clip, which was released by the Wyoming Highway Patrol as a lesson for drivers who do not pay attention to high wind advisories and road closures, was filmed on February 7th on Interstate 80.

A patrol car can be seen parked in the shoulder lane with its emergency lights on as the semi truck approaches. Suddenly, the shipping container begins to slide off the truck, causing the entire vehicle to capsize directly on top of the unlucky police car.

Miraculously, the trooper who would have been squished was not actually in his car at the time of the incident, as he and two other cops were out helping other motorists who got into accidents themselves. Neither of the two occupants of the truck reported any injuries either.