Shocking Moment Semi Truck Hits Snowplow And Sends It Down A 300-Foot Embankment

Shocking video out of Utah shows the moment when a semi-trailer truck’s attempt to pass a snowplow on the highway sent the snow-clearing vehicle careening off the road and over a 300-foot embankment.

Driver Terry Jacobson, who has driven snowplows across the state for over 23 years, was making his way down U.S. 6 when a semi truck tried to pass him on the right-hand side. However, the truck ended up clipping Jacobson.

Dash cam footage from a vehicle in the opposite traffic lane shows the snowplow suddenly sliding across the highway from the impact, narrowly avoiding a collision with oncoming cars.

Authorities claim that Jacobson’s vehicle rolled several times as it tumbled down the steep hill. Jacobson survived the crash, thanks in no small part to the fact that he was wearing his seatbelt, but was hospitalized for serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

The Utah Department of Transportation has disseminated the terrifying video in an effort to remind drivers never to pass snowplows, a rule that is often ignored. Jacobson becomes the fourth snowplow driver this winter to be involved in an accident caused by passing vehicles.