Is This The Hero We Need? Selfie Stick Bandit With Pruning Shears Hits NYC

New York City selfie enthusiasts beware because the above video has surfaced of a man whose sole purpose in life is to chop people’s selfie sticks with his pruning shears. After the footage went viral, the selfie stick bandit received everything from adulation to death threats.

In the video, Buddy Bolton brandishes a long-handled hedge shear and a mischievous look. As his unsuspecting victims set up the perfect selfie stick shot, Bolton rushes up to them and snips the notorious accessory in half, sending their cell phones plummeting to the pavement.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your opinion, the entire thing is one big prank and no phones were harmed in the making of the video. All of the “victims” were simply actors and the “cell phones” merely empty cases. Then why make the video? To prove a point, Bolton says.

“The selfie stick and people taking selfies is self-absorption — look at me; me, me, me, me," he told Miami New Times. "What we wanted to do with the premise is to say, stop that, cut it, and start looking beyond your phone and looking around you and caring what's outside, what's around you instead of yourself." 

“It's ludicrous how much people love selfie sticks; they love themselves. When we did something that affected that, I think people went a little bonkers," he added.    

Would you be mad if someone did this prank for real? Would that be taking things too far or does something drastic need to be done about selfie sticks?