Woah! Jarring Moment School Bus Is T-Boned By Semi Truck

Terrifying footage shows the moment when a school bus in Pasco County, Florida, was T-boned by a semi truck, sending the driver’s assistant flying across the aisle and causing the five children aboard to cry in fear. Fortunately, none of the students were injured.

The incident took place in San Antonio at around 5 pm, when semi truck driver David Dunlop II decided to go around another vehicle that had allegedly been stopped behind a traffic light for several cycles without moving.

That’s when he collided with the school bus. The driver can be heard screaming in terror just before the accident occurs, which launches the driver’s assistant forward into the seat in front of her and then out of her seat completely. The rest of the students are secured with seatbelts.

Shortly thereafter, Dunlop can be seen hopping aboard the bus while he and the driver’s assistant check on each student to make sure they were not injured.

While many locals have called on the semi truck driver to lose his commercial driver’s license and possibly face harsher punishment, his father, David Dunlop, believes that it was simply an accident and nothing more sinister.