School Bus Driver Fired After Road Rage Altercation With FedEx Truck

A New Jersey school bus driver is out of a job after video of a dangerous road rage incident surfaced. The disgraced driver was filmed going head-to-head with a FedEx truck, their jousting match nearly resulting in an accident.

In the clip, the FedEx truck can be seen waiting at a red light with the school bus behind. When the light turns green, the school bus driver peels across the median and attempts to pass the FedEx truck by driving on the wrong side of the two-way road.

As the school bus passes, the FedEx truck veers to its left, forcing the bus even closer to the opposite shoulder lane. After several seconds, the school bus finds its way back to the correct lane and the delivery truck follows suit. 

Jay’s Bus Service, the Lakewood company that employed the driver in question, claims that he was fired as soon as the video surfaced. The company also insists that no schoolchildren were on board the bus at the time of the incident.

FedEx has also promised to launch its own investigation.