Scary Video: Scary Mary Poppins

What if Mary Poppins was a horror movie? It would be a pretty damn scary video, is what. Come to think of it, Mary Poppins was always a little scary. She could always have some really frightening stuff in that endless bag of hers. Spoonful of sugar helps what medicine go down? Poison?! Now that would be a scary video. A serial killing nanny terrorizing London in the most absurd scary movie of all time.

London has been a pretty ideal setting for tales of the frightening and macabre for centuries. It’s usually dark and stormy there, and there’s plenty of thick fog for scary monsters and murderers to lurk in as they stalk their victims.

Then, of course, there’s the “even more terrifying because it’s true story of Jack the Ripper, one of the most feared and diabolical serial killers of all time. Here’s a better pitch for the movie: Mary Poppins is a sweet and whimsical nanny during the day, and then she becomes a hardened detective and serial killer hunter by night. I’d go see that!