“I Am Here To Die For Allah!” Scary Moment Islamic Thug Grabs Female Soldier

Shocking surveillance footage out of Paris has revealed the moment when an Islamic extremist sneaked up on a female soldier and pounced, holding her hostage for several painstaking moments and scrambling to grab her gun until another soldier shot him dead.

The harrowing incident took place at Orly airport on Saturday. The victim and her patrol companion can be seen walking through the airport when the culprit, 39-year-old Ziyed Ben Belgacem, suddenly ambushes her from behind and grabs her by the neck, pulling her toward an obscured area.

Several onlookers can be seen confusedly walking away from the fracas while others appear to not even notice. Eventually, Ben Belgacem forces the soldier to walk nearly out of frame before her partner is able to down him with a well-placed shot.

Now, French authorities have revealed that Ben Belgacem had a long rap sheet consisting of multiple drug and robbery offenses. An investigation has been launched to determine whether the Saturday incident was motivated by a link to terrorist groups.

According to the soldiers, Ben Belgacem yelled: “I am here to die for Allah! Whatever happens, there will be deaths.”

Earlier that day, Ben Belgacem opened fire on a police traffic patrol car and a crowded bar with a pellet gun, but no serious injuries were reported in those attacks. An autopsy determined that he may have been intoxicated on alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana at the time of the incidents.