Scarface School Play

The whole thing was a hoax from the beginning. Director Marc Klasfield, who’s mainly know for his work on commercials, music videos, and “The LA Riot Spectacular”, conceived and shot the viral video in March of 2010.So, “Scarface School Play” joins the illustrious ranks of many other “Real or Fake?” videos that have gone viral, but this one was unique in that it was designed purely to go viral without any sort of ulterior motive for product promotion. Spoiler alert for anyone who enjoyed the authenticity of the following videos, but even viral hits like The Ultimate Slip-N-Slide and Erik Estrada Attacked by a Little Person are usually produced by a brand. Since this play didn’t have any brand recognition, and it was made particularly to incite shock and outrage, did that make it a more memorable video? Does the context really matter, or is all about how e