Harrowing Rescue By Fire Department After Dog Falls Off Cliff In San Francisco

A San Francisco dog has a new leash – err, lease – on life thanks to a daring rescue by local firefighters after it fell off a cliff at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Footage from the incident shows a firefighter wearing a safety harness as he scales the steep cliff face while holding the frightened pooch. Once he reaches stable footing, the dog and his grateful owner appear visibly relieved.

The hound had been sniffing around the Fort Funston area off-leash when it suddenly tumbled off a cliff and found itself clinging for dear life, San Francisco Fire Department Lt. Jonathan Baxter said.

The situation easily could have become worse if the owner had gotten involved: “A lot of time we will have an animal-person rescue and that’s because the companion will go down to attempt to rescue and get stuck, themselves,” Baxter added.

Despite the scare, the dog was not injured, which is especially lucky for the man who was taking care of it since he was dog-sitting at the time.