Samurai Girl Game Trailer - an Action RPG iPhone and iPod Touch

Posted by AppsAsia on Apr. 08, 2011

Slated for Release on April 21st 2011! Hikarus family is the guardians of Sakura, the Divine Sword. The wicked Delta-M and his minions destroyed her village and murdered her father looking for the Divine Sword. Hikaru escapes with the sword but falls into a ravine and loses her memory. You must restore her lost memories by using her swordsmanship skills and to find and get revenge on Delta-M and his evil minions. 1. Extensive Gameplay: There will be 4 worlds, 50 quests and 15 bosses 2. 13 Unique Sword Fighting Skills to be learned 3. Combination System: Combine items or use combination stones to upgrade or strengthen your equipment 4. Skill System: Upgrade active or passive skills to strengthen your offensive and defensive skills 5. Pet System: You can raise a Phoenix from birth to form a powerful partnership 6. Hundreds of Items to equip, combine and arm your character with.

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