Samsung Instinct vs. iPhone

Posted by tekietv on Nov. 11, 2008

The Samsung Instinct is a sleek phone with an easy to use touchscreen technology that plays music and allows you to connect to the Internet... sounds a lot like a certain Apple device we all know and love. But is the Samsung Instinct an iPhone killer? The Instinct's design, which is very much inspired by the iPhone, is great lookng in it's own right, and the touchscreen works as easily as the Apple device. The Email app works great, and has all the major email providers preconfigured so you can just log right in to your account. Web Apps work great, offering preset News, Sports, and Weather updates. The Instinct features some of the best GPS Navigation available on any cellular, and you can even use voice command to control the phone, a feature the iPhone doesn't include. Unlike the iPhone, the Instinct does offer a video camera, though picture quality for motion and still photography is nothing to write home about. Touch typing works the same way as the iPhone does, and the music player works well ...

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