Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash

Ryan Dunn Dies In Car Crash on Newsfeed -Ryan Dunn, one of the stars “Jackass” died on June 20th in Pennsylvania when his Porsche 911 tragically lost control, flew over a guardrail and burst into flames. I’m sad. I got hit in the nuts so many times trying to recreate their movie stunts. Dunn’s new show “Proving Ground” on G4 that premiered on the 16th of June attempts to recreate classic action moments from movies… That would have been easy for him after his most difficult movie stunt in Jackass where he put a car in his rectum. I have to jump out of a building on fire, ok, but nothing is my you know… Oh, this’ll be easy. In honor of Ryan Dunn, I am going to undertake a death-defying stunt of my own where I will close my eyes and be hit with this deadly Break.com foam football. Don’t try this at home.