Heroic Cop Disregards Her Own Safety, Yanks Trapped Passenger Out Of Burning Car

A quick-thinking police officer in Michigan is being hailed as a hero after she heroically pulled a car crash victim out of a burning wreck after its engine compartment had already burst into flames, risking her own life to ensure the safety of a citizen’s.

Royal Oak Police Sgt. Karly Wingart was on patrol just after midnight on January 15 when she was alerted to an accident involving a Ford Fusion that rear-ended a public transport bus which had just finished dropping off passengers.

Dashcam footage shows Wingart, who was the first responder at the scene, pulling up as several bystanders surround the smoking vehicle. She attempts to reassure a 36-year-old woman who is trapped on the passenger side of the car with her door crushed shut.

Wingart then crosses around to the driver’s side and begins helping the woman to escape, who can be heard groaning in pain as she crawls out of the wreckage.

According to local authorities, the Ford Fusion’s driver and the injured passenger were transported to a nearby hospital, while one bus passenger sustained minor injuries. Police believe that alcohol may have been involved in causing the crash, but the investigation is still ongoing.