Rowdy Women Trash Shop, Run Over Employee Who Tried To Stop Them

It was the wrong kind of girls gone wild at this Michigan convenience store. Police in Kentwood are on the lookout for a trio of women who were caught on surveillance footage trashing the shop and running over an employee who tried to chase them.

The incident took place over the weekend when the women came to buy an item via the drive-thru window and become outraged when it wasn’t the price they expected. They decided to come inside the store and argue with the manager face to face.

The women insisted to the 57-year-old manager that they would not leave the store until she apologized, but she refused. That’s when the women snapped and began trashing the store, tipping over shelves and throwing merchandise onto the ground before storming out.

Not to be deterred, the manager gave chase, pursuing the deranged women all the way to their car. She was caught on surveillance footage running up to the passenger side of their vehicle just as the driver threw it into reverse, knocking her onto the ground and running over her.

Now, the manager remains hospitalized with a fractured leg, broken pelvis, and bleeding on the brain. Authorities are hoping that the surveillance video helps them track down the culprits.