Rosie Huntington

Rosie Huntington on Newsfeed -Good news for all you aspiring actresses out there. There’s a new EASY way to get cast in a Summer Blockbuster Movie. Forget about spending years in college to get that Theatre degree & thousands of dollars on acting & monologue classes, Just be a Victoria’s Secret Angel & it’ll give director Michael Bay a boner!! Yes, the reviews of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” are in, and it has critics spontaneously combusting at how bad of an actress Rosie Huntington Whitely is. One review even said she made Megan Fox look like Kate Winslet. Could you imagine if Megan Fox was in “Titanic” instead of Kate Winslet? The ship would’ve went down way sooner. But I digress, we shouldn’t hate on young Rosie, it’s not her fault that Michael Bay’s ego made the movie a lobotomy numbing 2 ½ hours long & made us yearn for the compelling storyline of “Bad Boys II”. Remember that one? Me neither. With Rosie Huntington Whitelely, The take home message is this, being a hot chick is the easiest job on the planet.