Rock Stars At White House

Rock Stars at the White House on Newsfeed – There has been a lot of flack about Obama inviting rapper Common to perform at the White House. But before you jump on the ‘I hate this guy because you told me to’ bandwagon here are three of the most controversial artists invited to the White House. One: Elvis Presley. Elvis is one of the most famous singers of all time but also was infamously known for drug use, womanizing, and dying because of both of those things while on a toilet. Two: Johnny Cash. This iconic country singer was known for writing songs about killing people and played songs in prisons. And finally three: Aretha Franklin. Known as one of the most gifted Motown singers ever, she too has a dark past filled with terrible hats. For over 50 years she has been the leading supporter of terrible hats. I am offended!