Robbery Suspect Thankful Cops Didn’t Shoot Him At The End Of This Police Chase

Dashcam footage out of Tennessee shows the moment when a high-speed police chase ended in a tense standoff that nearly ended with shots fired. Instead, the suspect confessed to his wrongdoing and has expressed gratitude to the deputies that arrested him.

Andre Stephens had robbed a convenience store in Spring Hill and attempted to rob a second store in Columbia when the Maury County Sheriff’s Department got involved.

The video shows the 25-year-old trying to evade police before flipping his car. When he crawled out of the wreckage, Stephens – who was high on cocaine and Xanax at the time – did not initially comply with police orders.

That’s when the deputies drew their guns and the situation became life-or-death. At one point, Stephens appears to reach into his pockets, but the deputies show restraint and continue ordering him to get on the ground.

Stephens eventually complies and is arrested without incident. He faces a slew of charges that includes felony evading and robbery, but he is thankful to be alive after watching the video and witnessing how easily the situation could have ended in bloodshed.