“Press The Button!” Tense Situation As Robbers Tell Worker To Open Cash Register

St. Louis County, Illinois was home to a good old-fashioned crime spree this weekend after a roving gang of masked criminals robbed five different convenience stores in a few days’ time. Now, police are releasing surveillance footage as they obtain it in the hopes of tracking the thieves down.

Police released this footage over the weekend, which shows the makeshift gang knocking over a MotoMart in O’Fallon. The three bandits can be heard ordering a female employee to open the cash register, but she appears to have difficulties getting it to cooperate.

After several moments of struggling with the employee over the cashbox, one of the bandits seems to suggest to his accomplice, “kill her, then.” It is not clear whether the robbers were armed.

The brazen string of robberies has even caught the attention of the FBI and the United States Marshal’s Service, both of which are helping local police agencies to track the suspects down. A $2,500 reward for information leading to their arrest and conviction has been offered.