Bank Robber Leaves Empty-Handed Since Bank Was Closed For The Day

When a bank robber is dimwitted enough to not even have his own getaway driver, it’s only a matter of time before his jig is up. Police have released surveillance footage showing the moment when a bumbling crook who tried to rob a bank left emptyhanded.

Video from the scene shows the robber pulling up to the People’s United Bank in Wilton at around 4:00 pm, driving a beat-up jalopy whose front license plate swings back and forth as the vehicle moves.

The masked bandit sprints into the building with a duffel bag and throws a door open. His heist is thwarted by a locked door, from behind which bank employees politely inform him that the branch is currently closed.

Although authorities were unable to track down the robber after the first incident, they received word just two days later that a suspect matching his description and driving the same clunker actually managed to steal an undisclosed amount of cash from the nearby Fairfield County Bank. This time, he must have learned his lesson and showed up during business hours.

Investigators do have one promising lead: they learned that the crook had recently purchased the vehicle for just $380. They then tracked down the man who sold it, who told police that the buyer was a slender black man in his twenties who wore his hair in braids.