Pathetic Robber Keeps Getting Attacked By Badass Cashiers In Texas

Police in Laredo who were investigating two separate robberies that took place within the same 10-day span when they realized that the same culprit could be the one behind both heists.

The first incident took place inside of a gas station. Surveillance footage shows the robber, who is clad in all black and covering his face with one hand, waving around a crowbar with the other as he orders the surprised clerk to hand over the goods.

When the cashier seems to have trouble opening the register, the impatient robber comes around the counter and begins grabbing money – only for the cashier to physically attack him, disarm him and run him out of the store. He made off with about $50.

The second incident features a robber wearing a very similar getup, but now he’s brandishing a baseball bat as he tries to intimidate a convenience store clerk. This time, the robber only manages to make off with a few lighters, but not before getting tackled, squished, and disarmed by the rather well-fed employee.

Laredo cops are on the lookout for this bumbling robber, but they probably shouldn’t worry. At this rate, he’ll be the one getting mugged by a pissed-off cashier.