Shocking Moment Road Raging Idiot Tries To Run Over Kids

Three young victims riding their bicycles down a residential street in Ohio were nearly killed after what police are calling a bizarre case of road rage, one that saw the driver of an SUV mow down one of the cyclists before gunning for another.

Surveillance footage out of Elyria shows three cyclists – the youngest of which was only 14 years old – making their way down an empty street when a blue Dodge Caravan suddenly accelerates toward one of them.

The young man drops his bike and tries to flee into a nearby front yard, narrowly avoiding getting run over. “His knuckles made contact with the van, they were actually cut,” said Elyria Police Captain Chris Costantino.

When his friend tries to help the first victim, the van lurches toward him, reportedly running over his foot as it maneuvers back onto the roadway. The youngest victim, now out of frame, managed to hide behind a parked car to avoid getting run down.

According to police, the driver – who has been described as a heavyset middle-aged man – was yelling threats out the window throughout the entire ordeal. Now, authorities plan to slap him with a felonious assault charge and put him behind bars before he strikes again.