Road Raging Behemoth Knocks Out Dad And Then Attacks Daughter Before Running Off

Aren’t Australian people supposed to be friendly? Footage out of Queensland shows the terrifying moment when an enraged driver knocked a 46-year-old man out cold before delivering several brutal blows to his victim’s daughter.

In the video, a man in a black shirt can be seen jogging toward a parked car and getting into a fighting stance as another man gets out of the vehicle. The pair began slugging it out as the driver’s daughter tries to pull the stranger off her dad.

Instead, the road-raged bully decks her in the face and sends her reeling. When her father tries to exact his revenge, he takes a devastating punch straight to the temple and falls to the ground unconscious, slamming his head against the pavement.

The cowardly attacker continues punching the daughter as she desperately tries to check on her father.

“What did you do?! Dad!” the girl can be heard yelling as the man scampers off.

Paramedics quickly arrived to the scene and transported the father to a nearby hospital, where he was stabilized after spending a whopping five minutes out cold. The daughter was not seriously injured in the scuffle.