Rescue Me Ending

I personally never watched “Rescue Me” but many are sad, especially the creator and lead actor, Dennis Leary because the show is finally wrapping after its 7th season. And it’s pretty appropriate since in just a few days we will all be mourning the tenth anniversary of September 11th. The show is a fun combination of action, comedy and drama and they all had a pretty tough time on the last day of filming. When asked whether he cried on the last day, he said that the guys tried not to cry, but that the girls were breaking down, and a couple of the firefighters who are very big, tough guys, started to get teary-eyed and they were like, “Uh oh, this is going to get bad real soon” Look, Dennis I adore and think you are very talented, but if I wanted to watch a bunch of average looking firefighters cry I would go to my local gay strip club.