Red-shouldered Macaw, illiger's Birds

Posted by Nurg-l-Vatan-921 on Aug. 02, 2013

You think a parrot, its get is red and it shout very nice. Breed of these birds is very beautiful for animals lovers. They live in Southern America as a lot of animals. If you want to feed a amazing bird, you can try this parrot. The Red-shouldered Macaw, at 30 cm, long and 165 gm weight, is the smallest of all the macaws. Like all macaws, it has a long narrow tail and a large head. It has bright green feathers on the body, with dark or slate blue feathers on the head just above the beak. The wings and tail have feathers that are bright green above and olive-green below. The leading edges of the wings, especially on the underside, are red. Other informations- red front macaw, red macaws, macaw species, hahns macaw, macaw bird, macaws, hahn macaw, macaw care, breeding macaws, green wing macaw, green winged macaw, macaw breeders, macaw information, free macaws, mini macaws, exotic birds, pet birds, scarlet macaw for sale, macaw bird, birds for sale, exotic birds for sale, macaw for sale, macaws for sale, conures.

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