Scary Scene Where Reckless Driver Hits Cop Car During Traffic Stop

A police officer in Texas was nearly struck by an out-of-control vehicle during a routine traffic stop when the driver collided with her cruiser after she had exited.

The incident took place in Abilene when Officer Mary Guitar pulled over a pickup truck at around 10:30 pm due to a traffic violation. Guitar can be seen walking over to the truck and briefly speaking to the driver when she is suddenly startled by a loud noise.

A red sedan smashed into the side of Guitar’s police cruiser, resulting in loud thud and a shower of sparks. The car then lurches toward Guitar and the truck, missing both by a matter of feet before spinning multiple times and ending up on the shoulder.

As the video helpfully notes, there were multiple empty lanes that the driver could have used, and Texas law requires all drivers approaching an emergency vehicle to slow down and move over if possible.

No injuries were reported in relation to the crash.