Razor Hair Cut - Razor Cuts Hair Cutting Technique

For more FREE razor hair cut cutting tips, razor cuts, razor cutting, razor cutting hair and razor haircuts visit:http://www.scissorboy.com/youtubeA razor cut may not be your best bet If your hair is fine, doubly if its wavy or curly. Razor cuts tend to make hair look droopy and flyaway — even frizzy in the case of wavy and curly strands. Long layers work better in those cases.When you receive a razor cut, youll notice an odd sensation. You can feel the haircut. Its not painful, of course. The razor just slides across the hair shafts and you may feel a slight tugging accompanied by a slicing noise. (It sounds scarier than it is.)The best hair for razor cuts: short, thick, and straight. Youll get a flirty, flippy look rather than a limp-locked style that no amount of volumizing mousse can cure. This is also ideal for bangs to keep them from looking weighed down.Enjoy and let me know what you think by leaving your comments below the video!