Badass Royal Air Force Footage Shows ISIS Stronghold Getting Blown Up

Boom! Hardcore footage released by the British Ministry of Defense shows the moment when an ISIS stronghold outside of Mosul in Iraq was obliterated by a guided missile in the blink of an eye.

The video, which is filmed from the perspective of a Typhoon fighter jet and shows the terrorist headquarters centered on crosshairs, was taken on Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I love you” like the eradication of violent radical masterminds by a Paveway IV guided bomb.

“Daesh is losing ground, fighters, and funding,” said British Defense Minister Sir Michael Fallon in a statement accompanying the video. “Now we need to keep up the pressure on Mosul and Raqqa to deal Daesh a decisive blow.”

The UK has heightened its efforts to drive ISIS out of Iraq and Syria as of late. Last month, the Royal Air Force released similar footage of the destruction of a remote drone manufacturing city near Mosul, hampering the terrorist group’s ability to build and deploy grenade-carrying mechanisms.

Tens of thousands of Mosul residents have return to the eastern half of the city amidst reports that US-backed Iraqi government forces have reclaimed at least a quarter of the city from ISIS’s clutches. The terrorist group still controls the western half of Mosul, which is delineated by the Tigris River.