R.I.P. HP Touchpad

Tragic news from Hewlett Packard headquarters, the HP touchpad will be discontinued along with its WebOS system. Oh man and I just linked my Zune and Palm Pre to my touchpad?! Son of a… every freaking time. HP CEO Leo Apothek said “it wasn’t gaining traction thanks to the popularity of the Apple iPad.” When asked for comment on this story Steve Jobs was quoted as saying, “muhaaahhhahahhhahhaaa… HP bahaha… chumps!” and then he flew off on his hoverboard to play robot golf with James Cameron and a Cyborg Ryan Seacrest. It is really a shame because the HP touchpad had some amazing features like it’s extensive APP store with almost 300 APPS as compared to the 90,000 APPS the iPad has to offer, I mean who needs all those apps anyhow! RIP Touchpad you’ll be missed, by the 8 people who stood in line at Best Buy to purchase you.