R&B group DNA, Turbo, Sex Text, Moonlit Road, The Secret, Hollyw

New Jersey based Mindbreak Entertainments (www.mindbreak.net) with murder mystery thriller The Secret, directed by Ian J. Kenney. The futuristic 4 D virtual gaming arena Turbo a short film from Jarrett Conaway, in the tradition of the Karate Kid and Tron, musically scored by film symphony composer Jermaine Stegall. Los Angeles based Rooftop Mind, with two entries, Sex Text and The Moonlit Road, based on the classic tale by Ambrose Bierce. Music video production company, THEfilmboyPROJECT, based in London with Never Wanna Lose You performed by London based hip hop, r&b group, DNA. A segment in which film composer Jermaine Stegall conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony. The Actors Checklist now lets you check the latest musical artists song releases on Apples iTunes, updated on an hourly basis, at: http://www.actorschecklist.com/resources/itunes.php