Quentin Tarantino Hookup

In the category of “Well this is something that nobody should be shocked about”, Quentin Tarentino is a freak in the sheets!! Thanks to the daily sludge reporting of Radar Online, an email was obtained from a 23 year-old woman who recently made legendary director finally put a foot in his mouth, literally. Beejoli Shah sent out an email to friends intimately describing her night at a Hollywood party where she not only met Tarentino, but made out with him in public, took pictures in a photo booth, and had a slumber party. Even though good ole’ QT didn’t round the bases with Shah, he apparently requested to suck on her toes while he embarked on a solo mission? Anyways, let’s just call that the “climax” of the story. She’s lucky that’s all he wanted to do. I’m surprised that the guy behind “Pulp Fiction”, “reservoir dogs” and “GrindHouse” didn’t have a guy dressed up like the Gimp in his bathroom.