How A Puppy Caused A Violent Head-On Collision With A Police Vehicle

Man’s best friend helped to create this Utah driver’s worst nightmare. The woman became distracted by her puppy while driving and allowed her car to drift into the wrong lane – and directly into a police cruiser.

The entire incident was captured on dashcam footage, which shows an SUV piloted by a 23-year-old woman as it careens into a head-on collision with Davis County Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Passmore.

“I was expecting her to weave back over, out of the way. She never did,” he recalled.

At first, Passmore suspected the woman of looking at her cell phone or driving under the influence. He quickly realized the cause of the crash was much more adorable: the woman was trying to corral her unruly pup.

“It should have never happened,” Passmore said. “If she needed to address an issue with the dog, if she simply had pulled over and dealt with it, none of this would have happened. It was 100 percent avoidable.”

The woman was slapped with citations for unsafe lane travel and negligent collision. Fortunately, no man, woman, or puppy was harmed as a result of the accident.