For more go to http://www.myspace.com/chadneidt Hope you like it, here are the lyrics. I have witnessed many of our tempting ways From stealing, lying, cheating to anything that pays There are so many ways to be bad but There's just one sin That you must try again and again Polygamy can't I have one more Polygamy my wife's such a bore Massive orgy Imagine all of the Possibilities of one big family One could do the laundry and one could clean the house Three could pay the taxes I need just one more spouse I'd have 8 or 9 I just hope they don't menstruate all at the same time Polygamy this is just too great Polygamy more than just one mate Ten gold trophies I will never have Monogamy cause one's just not enough I know there' gotta be more to our lives So I have married more than 20 wives Supper's always served and the beds are always made Never I never worry about getting...kids But all these multiple sex partners will take their toll Cause I don't use condoms and they don't use birth control Polygamy n