Political Race

I’m Jonny Loquasto with NewsFeed. Let’s talk about some more old white dudes who like talking smack about President Obama. Texas Governor Rick Perry has just joined the 2012 GOP race for President, which has conservatives jumping for joy out of their turtlenecks all across the country. Now, Perry is an evangelical Christian who initially supported the Tea Party and is opposed to gay rights, so we do know he’ll save himself some time by not making any campaign speeches in West Hollywood. He was quoted as saying “A great country requires better direction…and a President who’s not always playing basketball & having them Hip Hop BBQ’s!!”. In a related story, former Minnestoa Governor Tim Pawlenty has dropped out of the GOP race for president. When asked about Pawlenty, many GOP activists stated that he didn’t fit the requirements to be the Republican candidate for president. Why? Because he’s actually somewhat likeable. I’m Jonny Loquasto and you’ve been fed.