Police rescue a drunk Chinese man from a container

Drunk Chinese man nearly shipped to the U.S. after mistaking 60ft container at port for a B&B Jiang Wu woke up after big night to find himself in sealed crate 60ft up He’d thought it was his digs after big night in Qingdao, eastern China Couldn’t get out so rang police from crate – avoiding two-week trip to US.A man who wandered drunkenly into a shipping crate thinking it was his hotel woke up to find he’d been sealed in ready for a two-week journey to Los Angeles. Jiang Wu had been enjoying a night out in Qingdao, Shandong province, when he thought it was time to return to his B&B for the night. After one too many, he staggered into what he believed to be his lodgings and fell fast asleep, only to wake up the next day and realise his mistake.