Police Release Footage Of Dimwitted Kids Playing On Train Tracks

Just in case parents are still having trouble teaching their kids the time-honored survival strategy called “don’t play on the freaking train tracks,” the British Transport Police (BTP) has released a montage of bloodcurdling near-misses that should help get the message across.

The PSA begins with a couple of mad lads playing on or near the train tracks, but things quickly ramp up in intensity.

One clip shows a teen narrowly managing to pull himself off the electrified tracks of the Tube as his arms and legs appear to be seizing up from the current, while another shows a train missing a child by mere inches.

According to British authorities, railway trespassing rates are at a 10-year high and dozens of people under the age of 25 have been killed by easily avoidable train accidents over the last decade. Most people caught trespassing claim that they were simply trying to take a shortcut, but for many youngsters, thrill-seeking is the main objective.

“Don’t let your door be the one we knock on to say your loved one has been killed or seriously injured as a result of trespassing,” BTP said in an ominous statement.