Police Release Footage After Bar Fight Turned Robbery

Authorities in New York City are hoping that this weird surveillance footage of the two suspects who stole over a thousand dollars from a third man’s pocket helps to track the lowlifes down.

The incident took place outside of a Williamsburg bar back in February, when the 33-year-old victim found himself locked in a heated argument with the two perps. Suddenly, one of the suspects came up from behind the victim and pulled him to the ground by his neck.

That’s when the other suspect joined in and began punching and kicking the downed victim. At some point during the brawl, the man who dragged the victim to the ground reached into his pocket and stole a whopping $1,350 in cash.

By the time police arrived, the two instigators had fled the scene. The victim refused medical attention – probably because he could no longer afford to pay a hospital bill. The NYPD has asked anyone with information about the attackers to phone in an anonymous tip.