Heroic Police Officers Go Out Of Their Way To Rescue Ducklings From Storm Drain

It’s an all too common tragedy: a mother duck leads her pack of little ones across the road without realizing that there’s a pesky storm drain just waiting to gobble up the ducklings. Fortunately for this mother duck, though, a few kind humans were on hand to help rescue her babies.

The operation took place on April 16 in Pearland, Texas after Sergeant Adam Carroll and Officer Matthew Webb were flagged down by an anxious mother duck that was pacing near the drain. The cops put two and two together and realize that there had been an accident.

A combination of dashcam and bodycam footage shows the lawmen preparing to lift up the grate as one of them explains how he noticed that something was amiss. The duck whisperer then climbs down in to the drain and begins handing the ducklings to his partner one by one.

By the end of it, the duo had managed to rescue a whopping 12 ducklings, the sound of grateful chirps filling the air as the mother maintains a watchful eye. The entire family was successfully reunited.